Canada relaxes travel advice to Sri Lanka

Canada-travel-advice-sri-lankaReflecting the much-improved atmosphere of peace and security prevailing in the country, the Government of Canada has changed its Travel Report on Sri Lanka. While the new report advises appropriate caution, it no longer recommends prospective visitors to avoid non-urgent travel.

Commenting on the change, the Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Bruce Levy, said “The new wording in our Travel Report was probably overdue and speaks to the reality that Sri Lanka has entered a new era with the end of the active conflict with the LTTE. And I could hardly advise other Canadians not to travel here when my family and I will take advantage of the holidays to spend time in tea country and in the south.”

Canadians are expected to travel to Sri Lanka in ever greater numbers, given that Canada is home to the largest Sri Lankan diaspora. “I think that you will see many Sri Lankan Canadians returning for family and investment-related visits,” Levy said.

He added, “They will be joined by others who will be attracted to the potential Sri Lanka offers for a tourism experience very different from Canadians’ traditional destinations of Mexico, Caribbean, US and Europe.”

According to Levy, Sri Lanka has not been able to fully tap the opportunities offered by its incredible coastline and diversity for a variety of reasons. He said, “Canadians will like being able to enjoy so many different experiences in a relatively small land mass.”

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