Whale shark awarness programme for liveaboards & divers in Maldives

Whales Shark Awareness Programme was presented by Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme in association with Liveaboard Association of Maldives and Divers Association of Maldives.

MWSRP has succesfully conducted the 1st Whale Shark Awareness Programme for Liveaboards and Divers of Maldives on 16th April 2009 at Dhoshineynaa Maalam Dharubaaruge.. The Objective was to share the knowledge and expertise which they gain from the research which they have been doing about Whale Sharks living in the Maldivian Waters. Dr. Brent & Mr. Richard of MWSRP shared there knowledge of the research at this event.

In addition, the Official Website of DAM www.dam.org.mv was launched by the Chief Guest (Legendary Diver) Mr. Sarudhaaru Dhonbe

For More info : www.liveaboardassociation.mv or www.dam.org.mv

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One comment on “Whale shark awarness programme for liveaboards & divers in Maldives
  1. Sandro says:

    Is this programme repeated every year? How could I attend it?


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