Banyan Tree Resort | Vabbinfaru | Maldives

  • Location : North Malé Atoll
  • Distance from airport: 17 km
  • Speedboat Transfer: 20 minutes
  • No of rooms : 48

Cast away on a secluded coral atoll in the paradisical Maldives archipelago, you experience a sense of magic, romance and tranquillity at Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru that’s second to none. Time moves imperceptibly while the gentle touch of the warm sun makes you recall wondrous dreams once forgotten. You’ll find paradise here – catching the salty tang of the sea breeze as you wake up in the morning, swimming in between the wondrous sea creatures that dwell forty feet below, luxuriating in the pampered comfort of your own elegant villa and marvelling at the magnificent splash of stars in the night sky.


Facilities and Amenities for all types of accommodation:

  • Outdoor jet pool
  • King-sized bed
  • Recessed sitting area
  • Hot and cold water shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathrobes
  • Air-conditioning
  • IDD telephone
  • Private safe
  • Mini-bar
  • Coffee/ tea maker
Vabbinfaru Villa

Stay at the lavish Vabbinfaru Villa for an extravagant beach hideaway with a personal touch. Enjoy the luxury of a large landscaped garden with ocean views, al fresco living pavilion, beach ‘sala’ pavilion, sundeck, jet pool and outdoor shower. Ample space makes the Vabbinfaru Villa ideal for small wedding parties; yet, priceless privacy can be found within each villa. Sit back and let the shooting stars fall into your lap.

Special features:

  • Outdoor shower
  • CD player

Deluxe Beachfront Villa

The natural beauty of Vabbinfaru Island can now be experienced in the plush comfort of the new Deluxe Beachfront Villa. The stylish interior has been designed to be bright and breezy – it opens on to a large sundeck at the front that leads to the powder-soft beach and into a glitzy bathroom at the back with an outdoor jet pool and shower. Here you can take part in the play of nature and count the hues of the changing sky, as the stunning sunrise, sunset and star-filled night sky leave their shimmering reflections on the lagoon.

Special features:

  • Small courtyard garden with an open-air shower

Deluxe Oceanview Villa

The new Deluxe Oceanview Villa invites you to relish the heavenly tranquillity of an enchanting garden from your own pavilion. While featuring the same facilities and comfort as a Deluxe Beachfront Villa, the secluded garden setting of the new Deluxe Oceanview Villa is much treasured for its generous space, privacy and shady greenery. The beach peeps through the leaves and entices you to soak up a golden tan, laze around and see your footsteps disappear in the sand as the winds blow from the sea. A heavenly place to pamper yourself with an in-villa BBQ.

Special features:

  • Outdoor shower
Beachfront Villa

With its private outdoor jet pool and sundeck, the Beachfront Villa is ideally suited for a romantic getaway. Watch the spectacular ocean vista unfold from the terrace while the balmy sea breeze cools the room. Step onto the silky sand of the beach and swim above the virtually untouched house reef with its glorious display of color and the occasional trumpet fish, harmless baby shark and age old turtles.

Special features:

  • Small courtyard garden
Oceanview Villa

The Oceanview Villa delivers unparalleled privacy with its very own open-air jet pool on a wooden patio. Immerse yourself in the bubbling waters of the jet pool and feel the tension seep away from your body as you drift off to the sound of waves lapping on the picture-perfect shores.


Ilaafathi Restaurant

Tuck into scrumptious Maldivian and International treats in the casual setting of Ilaafathi restaurant. Set right on the beach with a natural Alang-Alang roof this beachfront eatery serves extravagant buffet breakfasts and superb set dinners that will make you come back for more.

Naiboli Bar

Appetizing snacks are served all day long at the open-air Naiboli Bar along with your favorite cocktails. You can while away many happy hours here chatting with friends, having a game of snooker or simply unwinding in the warm and friendly atmosphere. Perfect for a light appetite in the middle of the day.

Private Dining

Fancy having a wildly romantic candlelit barbecue dinner in the intimacy of your villa or by the beach? The resort will arrange that for you and even provide you with your very own private chef and waiter. Spoilt by attentive service and fine cuisine – you will feel pampered like royalty.

Sandbank Dining

Have you ever dreamt of sweeping your loved one off her feet for a romantic dinner that is out of this world? Let your imagination run wild and the resort will make your dreams come true by taking you to a stunning sandbank by speedboat. The breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean will whet your appetite while revealing the magical night sky of a billion stars and the hypnotic melody of the ocean. Once ushered to a table of gourmet victuals and champagne with only the moon and torches lighting your feast, the universe is reduced to just the two of you. What a wonderful way to start the evening. Simply perfect.

Sandbank Dining Menus

  • Sandbank Romantic
  • Seafood Dinner
  • Sandbank Grill
  • Sandbank Extravaganza
Banyan Tree Spa Maldives Vabbinfaru

As you hear the waves and feel the gentle breezes of the Indian Ocean, a stillness of spirit pervades your body and soul. In the sensuous spa environment of Banyan Tree Maldives you soothe your senses, calm frazzled nerves and enhance your well being. There are many ways to rejuvenate your inner and outer self here, from the refreshing effects of aromatherapy to heavenly massages amidst sweet floral scents, the Banyan Tree Spa Maldives Vabbinfaru promises unequalled magic, unobtrusive service and an exclusive hideaway that has become synonymous with the Banyan Tree name. At Banyan Tree Spa Maldives therapists bring the right balance of traditional touch and warm service to the extensive menu of tropical treatments. The spa is opened from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Banyan Tree Dive Center

As a Five Star Golden Palm PADI Dive Center, the Banyan Tree offers the full range of PADI and Nitrox courses. Individual attention is paid to each guest although courses and dives are conducted in small groups. A professional instructors will teach in different languages and take great care to create an environment that’s truly relaxed. No stress…just pure fun and safe diving!

Many resorts offer “mass diving”, but Banyan Tree is different – they have set a the mission to create ecological awareness amongst their guests while pursuing research in coral growth and some pioneer projects supporting marine life. From the beginner’s Resort Course to the PADI Open Water Course you will be taught in great detail about the ocean and its fascinating life.

Imagine – Banyan Tree employs dedicated marine biologists who offer environmental dives and eco-safaris on which they share their expert knowledge. You will be introduced to the unique Lotus and Turtle Research Projects which have earned Banyan Tree the prestigious PATA [Pacific Asia Travel Association] Award 2002 for Corporate Environmental Programmes. So if you dive at Banyan Tree Maldives you will discover the mysterious creatures of the ocean and leave with a much better understanding of the “Blue Planet”.

Adventure in Diving

At the Banyan Tree Dive Center they hope to make a difference! It is a firm belief that attitudes can be changed towards the environment by sharing knowledge and infecting others with their enthusiasm. After all, if you know what makes a coral reef so unique you will not destroy it.

Diving Courses Available at Vabbinfaru

Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru holds a variety of PADI diving courses. As a PADI 5-star Gold Palm Resort dive center it engages diving instructors who are highly professional, enthusiastic and PADI certified. The courses are unique in their strong emphasis on environmental awareness. They also offer specialty courses on Drift, Deep, Night, Boat and Naturalist diving. Navigation and Peak performance buoyancy dives. Groups are limited to a maximum of 6 divers.

Equipment rental and indicated course material included.

Bubble Maker (1 to 2 hrs)
Especially for young adventurers who are 8 years of age, the 2 to 3-hour Bubble Maker course is an introduction to experience Scuba Diving to a maximum depth of 2 meters underwater on a one to one basis with a PADI Instructor. [children: 8 years onwards – max 2m depth] Price: US$ 160

Discover Scuba Diving (2-3 Hrs)
No experience is necessary for this dive as the 2 to 3-hour course consists of a video, theory lesson and an introduction to the basics of scuba diving and safety concerns. After learning to master some fundamental skills in the shallow waters in front of the dive center, you will get your first sweet taste of diving at the Vabbinfaru house reef where you might be lucky enough to encounter schools of fusiliers, reef sharks, turtles and lobsters. A wonderful experience in a breathtaking environment! [Video, Theory, Dive]

Discover Scuba Diving – repeat dives
No experience is necessary for this dive as the 2 to 3-hour course consists of a video, theory lesson and an introduction to the basics of scuba diving and safety concerns. After learning to master some fundamental skills in the shallow waters in front of the dive center, you will get your first sweet taste of diving at the Vabbinfaru house reef where you might be lucky enough to encounter schools of fusiliers, reef sharks, turtles and lobsters. A wonderful experience in a breathtaking environment! [One Dive]

PADI Scuba Diver (2-3 Days)
This 2 to 3 day course is the first step towards basic certification and comprises half of the open water course. Comprising 3 theory and confine water sessions, and 2 open water dives, the course is the gateway to the basic scuba license, which allows one to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters under supervision. Divers may upgrade their skills by completing the rest of their open water certification anytime. [Manual, Certification, Logbook, Diploma]

Open Water Referral (2-3 Days)
The Open Water Referral Course takes 2 -3 days to complete. Occasionally student divers who begin their scuba training elsewhere may need or want to complete their training at the resort. The maximum referral time is 12 months and you would need all your referral documents with you. [Certification, Diploma and 4 Open Water Dives]

Upgrade to Open Water (2 -3 Days)
This course normally takes 2 to 3 days and is the second step towards the full scuba license. As a certified scuba diver you just have to take two more theory lessons and go through three more dive trials before being upgraded to Open Water Diver status. There is no time limit for which to do your Open Water Diver certification after obtaining your Scuba Diver one. [Certification, Diploma]

PADI Open Water Diver (4-5 Days)
This course normally takes 4 to 5 days and leads to an internationally recognized diving certificate, which allows you to explore the ocean independently as long as you are accompanied by another certified diver and don’t go deeper than 18 meters. This is where the real fun starts. Four open water dives are included in this great challenge! To give you a better understanding of what diving is all about the training is personalized by a dive instructors who keep each group to a maximum of 4 divers. [Manual, Certification, Logbook, Diploma]

PADI Adventure Diver (2-3 Days)
This 2-3-day course is basically half of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. The course includes 3 dives and is mainly targeted at divers who do not have enough time to complete the whole PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course which comprises 5 dives. Upon receiving the PADI Adventure Diver card you may upgrade anytime for the PADI Advance by completing 2 more dives. [Manual, Certification]

Nitrox Diving (Enriched Air 32 %)
Nitrox courses are simple short courses which may be done within 1 to 2 days and will guarantee you safer dives.

Nitrox usage is becoming more popular among divers as it is much safer and can extend your time at the bottom the ocean within stipulated recreational diving limits. Nitrox diving simply increases the percentage of oxygen in your air supply, which would decrease the amount of nitrogen absorbed into your body. As nitrogen is the main cause of decompression sickness, the lower the amount of nitrogen absorption the safer you are.

Nitrox diving is ideal if you are planning to do repetitive diving or if you are likely to face decompression illness. The Nitrox course Angsana Velavaru offers includes two levels: Level 1 and 2. Please note that the maximum mix that is provided is 32% as a safety measure.

Nitrox Level 1 (1 Day)
This program includes the basic knowledge of Nitrox in theory sessions and provides the certification for the use Nitrox during your dives. Learn more about Nitrox when you take a course in Nitrox Level 2.

Nitrox level 2 (2 Days)
This program includes a theory session and two dives using Nitrox. The course teaches you the importance of using Nitrox, tables, analysis, and how to set up diving computers. You will also get the opportunity to experience diving with Nitrox.

Refresher Course (2-3 Hrs)
This refresher course is meant for certified divers who wish to refresh their skills while gaining more experience and confidence. It is a 2-3hr program which can be held in the morning or afternoon. It includes instruction, shallow water training and one dive at the house reef. [Theory & one House Reef Dive]

PADI Advanced Open Water (2-3 Days)
This 2 to 3 day course leads to the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certificate. It covers 5 dives and develops your knowledge and skills in different environments. This course is very practice oriented. Boat trips are subject to additional charges. [Manual, Certification, Diploma]

Emergency First Response (4-5 Hrs)
This course takes place in a classroom setting and lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours. This Basic First Aid Course covers the primary and secondary assesment and teaches students how to provide CPR and first aid in case of an emergency. [Manual, Certification]

Rescue Diver Course (4-5 Days)
The Rescue Diver course creates the confidence to help those in need and teaches you valuable first-aid skills. This course is highly recommended if you plan a career as an instructor or dive on a regular basis. [Manual + Certification + Diploma]

Dive Master (3-4 Weeks)
Finally, the first step to becoming a PADI professional: The Dive Master course – After this 3 to 4 week course you can conduct some modules of the PADI courses yourself and accompany students on their training dives. Pre-booking necessary. PADI fees and materials are not required.

Adventure Dive (2-3 Hrs)
Choose from a range of specialty dives like Deep, Night, Navigation, Nitrox, Boat, Drift, Photography, Multi-level, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Project Aware, Fish Identification, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist and Underwater Navigation. All these dives are without certification but will be credited towards your Advanced Open Water course if you do it as an Adventure dive. You may earn a certificate by doing a minimum of 3 dives – PADI Adventure Diver – Credited towards Advanced Open water.

Specialty Course Dive (2-3 Hrs)
For those at the intermediate stage of diving specialty courses improve skills further. Wreck, Night, Deep, Multi-level and Peak Performance Buoyancy dives are among those available. By doing 5 specialities you could earn the PADI Master Scuba Diver level. [Theory and One Dive]

  • Certification will only be issued as per course program.
  • A referral program will be recommended if candidates are unable to complete the full course.
  • Divers who are planning on diving including those attempting the beginner’s courses, need to obtain a medical statement from your GP stating that you are fit for diving.
  • All the course prices are inclusive of DAN [Divers Alert network] insurance. This insurance covers divers for any suspected or ascertained cases of decompression sickness to a limit of 6000Euro within Maldivian territory for 21 days.
  • Please note that private courses and dives can be organized upon request with extra charges and all the courses are inclusive of DAN insurance.


The resort conducts regular orientation dives with all guest divers as their first dive practicing the essential diving skills such as mask clearing & alternate air source use. For divers who haven’t dived for a while ‘refresher courses’ are advised.. To ensure the safety of guests the instructors have been specially trained for emergencies and always take additional safety equipment with them. Oxygen demand system, medical first aid kits, radios and mobile phones are available on all boats and the Marine Centers. Surface markers will be provided to all the divers on all the dives.

Attention to detail is naturally focused on avoiding emergencies before they occur which is achieved by limiting the dives to a depth of 30 meters and making computers mandatory at all times while disallowing decompression dives. In case of emergencies the nearest recompression chamber and clinic is only 20 minutes from Banyan Tree. In addition the resort offers special dive insurance from DAN which take care of your finances if anything does happen.

Dive Where You Want
For certified divers the resort offer exciting dive trips to about 40 different dive sites within an hours distance from the resort. Minimum proof or certification must be shown to accept you as a certified diver prior to start diving. If you have had or currently have any medical condition, kindly obtain a written statement from a diving physician stating that you are fit to dive. Divers of or above the age of 70 or who are on medication must also obtain written consent to dive from a diving physician.

It is mandatory for all certified divers to do their initiative first dive at the house reef by way of an orientation dive. If you have not been diving for over two years it is mandatory that you renew your skills with a Refresher Course on the resorts very own house reef after a skill session in the lagoon.

You may also decide to explore the house reefs as an alternative to the boat trips. Banyan Tree is the only place in the Maldives which enables you to dive at two house reefs [Vabbinfaru and Ihuru] with a great ‘wreck’ and participate in a variety of rewarding marine conservation projects at the same time!

Environmental conservation
Environmental conservation is a top priority in the development of all Maldivian resorts. Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru and Angsana Ihuru have been rewarded for their strong commitment to the environment with the following prestigious accolades and awards:



  • Rose Silver Award 2004 –
    Maldives Diving and Eco-Tourism
  • World’s Leading Responsible Tourism Internet Site –
    World Travel Awards 2004
    The Green Imperative :
  • President Of the Maldives Green Resort Award 2004 –
    Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru
  • Best Responsible Tourism Site – TravelMole Travel and; Tourism Web Awards 2004
    The Green Imperative :


  • Gold Award 2003 (Heritage) – Pacific Asia Travel Association


  • Grand Award for Corporate Environmental Programme – Pacific Asia Travel Association
  • Certificate of recognition from the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Maldives
  • Green Planet Award – Kuoni Travel Ltd


  • Green Planet Award – Kuoni Travel Ltd
  • Top Corporate Environmental Programme – Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Awards
  • Top Hotel Group Innovator Award – Travel Weekly East Innovator Awards


  • Ecotourism Award – Conde Nast Traveler, USA
  • Best Hotel Group – Travel Asia Breakthrough Eco-Awards
  • Turtles
  • Green Imperative Fund
  • Marine Conservation Projects
  • Corals

    • Vabbinfaru Lotus Project
    • Ihuru Barnacle Project
    • Coral Transplanting
    • Ihuru Necklace
    • Coral Spawning
    Marine Life

    • Blackfin Reef Shark Project
    • Reef Cleaning Dives
    • Escorted Night Snorkeling
    • Marine Biology Classes
    • Education Programs
    • PADI’s Project Aware


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