Holidays in Mexico become popular with seniors

Chichén Itzá - Temple of the Warriors - Credit: JimG

Chichén Itzá - Temple of the Warriors - Credit: JimG

Mexico is suddenly seeing a huge increase in senior citizens visiting their many tourist destinations, as more seniors look to enjoy their retirement travelling. Not just Mexico, but all around the world, this trend seems to be increasing in popularity. A large number of senior citizens are making the decision to get out and travel. If you are one of those individuals looking to spend your retirement travelling, then consider Mexico, as they have recognised the trend early and all of their more popular holiday destinations have begun to offer facilities specially to entice the senior traveller.

Mexico is an amazing place to spend your holidays and is ideal for individuals of all ages. A large number of senior citizens travel to Mexico each year, despite popular belief that the United States and Europe are the only safe holiday destinations that are ideal for senior citizens. I suggest you take the time to examine what Mexico has to offer, and once you see the numerous tours, excursions and activities specially designed to cater for older folk, you will likely want to schedule your next holiday in Mexico.

As with any other holiday destination, Mexico has a wide range of activities for both the old and young.  However if you’re not up to doing much on your holiday and if relaxation is your thing,  then relaxing at the beach, taking a boat cruise or going on a guided tour by air conditioned coach, can all be arranged at your hotels tour desk. If you are only able to select a few of these activities, you will want to examine each activity and determine which one takes in the sights you wish to see most and brings you the most pleasure.

One of the most preferred activities in all of Mexico for senior citizens is guided tours. When one thinks of a guided tour, it most often conjures up images of hiking or biking through rough terrain, but that is not what Mexican guided tours are all about. It is true, you may find guided tours that require a large amount of walking, but there are lots of specially arranged tours which are more suited to seniors.

Popular guided tours, that are ideal for senior citizens include bus and boat tours. ATV tours are also available and are ideal for those seniors who wish to have a little bit more freedom and excitement while touring Mexico. For those that wish to relax while seeing what Mexico has to offer, boat tours or bus tours may be best.

While boat cruises are often used for sightseeing, there are many that offer exciting onboard activities that most seniors enjoy. These activities often include a night of dinner and dancing, tombola and bingo evenings, etc. With a little bit of research, it may be possible to find a boat cruise that is designed specifically for the kind of evening entertainment you like most.

Mexico is best known for her beautiful, fun, and exciting beaches. If you are interested in relaxing at the beach and not doing a lot more than that, you have a number of options to choose from. Due to Mexico’s popularity, many public beaches are overcrowded, especially in the spring and summer months. I would suggest that all senior traveller stay away from large crowds and to book yourself a nice beach resort, as all of them have private beaches where you will not be troubled by the big crowds.

Aside from large, well-known resorts, Mexico offers a number of smaller resorts that have a focus on relaxation and privacy. If you prefer to spend your holiday in a private and intimate setting, you may want to consider these types of resorts.

Mexico has lots to offer all travellers and although I’ve mentioned only a few of the more common and not too tiring activities above, there is also boating, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, big game/deep sea fishing or horseback riding.

As a final piece of advice, I would like to remind all senior travellers to visit their GP before venturing off in to the unknown. It is advised that you enjoy your holiday, not push yourself over the limit.



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