Omani airlines to open route to Sri lanka

MUSCAT — Omani airlines will next Wednesday open a new route to Sri lanka, a tourists destination and an interface for travelers from Oman and Asia, said Omani airlines Chief Executive Officer, Peter Heil on Tuesday.

“Oman Air will provide Airbus 320 planes equipped with a full set of communication services, internet, WiFi,” the CEO said, noting that Oman Air is the first company to offer these services for first and business class passengers.

“This step comes from the company’s strategy to provide high quality services,” Hail explained, noting that Oman Air will open new destinations to Malysia, Africa and Europe this year.

He affirmed that the new route to Sri lanka will strengthen bilateral ties, pointing out that the Sultanate holds close relations with Sri lanka.

Oman Air also have bases in all Gulf States, Indian continent , Egypt, Beirut, England, Germany and France.


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