Head to Sri Lanka for plenty of winter sun

Winter can certainly be a depressing time of year; with dreary weather, cold mornings and dark nights, it can feel as though the season is never-ending, especially if springtime is late in arriving. One of the best pick-me-ups is to have something to look forward to, something exciting on the horizon to take your mind off yet another gloomy evening. Winter sun holidays are becoming increasingly popular amongst those eager to escape to a tropical paradise for a week or so, especially for those who want to return with a healthy glow and a spring in their step.

If you’re looking for the ultimate exotic getaway, Sri Lanka is the perfect choice. Not only is this stunning island blessed with beautiful beaches on which to catch some rays, but the food, friendly locals and ancient monuments will give you plenty to do throughout your break. If you’re looking for a winter holiday on a budget, Sri Lanka has an abundance of high-quality budget hotels across the island, perfect option to help save a little money this year.

While staying on the island, one of the first things that will strike you is the stunning landscape and pristine beaches that are dotted around. To really relax, head east to Trincomalee, a beautiful coastal town that offers white sand and clear waters all year round. Trincomalee is a relatively quiet destination, making it perfect for recharging the batteries, and many of the nearby budget hotels back straight onto the sands: perfect for sun worshippers and water sport enthusiasts!

The country also has exotic and extensive wildlife, with elephants, leopards and jackals all calling the island their home. As a result, there are several game reserves to choose from, with Uda Walawe in the south being the most popular for elephant spotting and Horton Plains offering birdwatchers the chance to see some of the island’s rarest and most exotic birds up close. However, remember that many tour guides are not affiliated with the parks themselves, and as a result may not be the best option in helping you spot the animals; if in doubt book an official tour guide through the park.

History lovers will also find plenty to keep them occupied on the island, as Sri Lanka is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among the most impressive of these is the Temple of the Tooth in the hill town of Kandy, where a sacred relic (believed to be the Buddha’s left eye-tooth) is stored in a beautiful casket and is the subject of daily ceremonies and devotions from worshippers. Such ceremonies are extremely popular with tourists, although remember to dress and act conservatively should you visit; it is, after all, a religious service.

However you choose to spend your time in Sri Lanka, a much needed injection of winter sun should be just the thing to see you through the rest of the season. If you’re concerned about planning your tour or finding the cheapest deals, websites such as Travel Republic can be extremely helpful in comparing prices and finding the best bargains. Get ready to make friends jealous with your fabulous winter tan!

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