Ayurveda is the Science of Life


Ayurveda literally means “The Science of Life” for the promotion of positive health and prevention and cure of diseases. It is in practice in India and its neighbouring countries for about 5000 years.

“Health”, according to Ayurveda, is not merely the freedom from diseases. A person is to be treated as healthy only when his mind, sense, organs and the soul are in the state of perfect of equilibrium to endow happiness. In addition, the body should be free from diseases.

Ayurveda lays a lot of emphasis on the prevention and cure of diseases. Therefore several therapeutic measures both for patients and healthy persons are prescribed in this system of medicine.

What Ayurveda Does
1. Preservation and promotion of positive health
2. Prevents diseases
3. Cures diseases.

What Ayurveda does for you?

Ayurveda is considered to be one of the best healthcare methods available in the world. It can not only cure but prevents diseases as well.

Ayurveda treatments can give us the opportunity to be aware of not only physical but also social distortions. If one is comfortable receiving Ayurveda treatments, most likely he has established good human relationships, which is essential for good health.

Therapeutic Measures – These are done to promote self-resistance (immunity) power in the body to overcome different changes and to cure a disease if it has already got manifested. Several therapeutic measures are available in Ayurveda such as drugs, diet, drinks, regimens and special therapies.

Benefits from Ayurveda Therapies

1. Prevents aging process
2. Corrects fatigue
3. Cures nervous disorders
4. Improves eye sight
5. Nourishes the tissues
6. Prolongs the span of life
7. Corrects sleep disturbances
8. Corrects stress / strains
9. Corrects joint and bone disorders
10. Improves digestive tract functions
11. Enhances beauty and completion
12. Cures from various diseases
(Specially those which are not cured by the other medical systems)

Principle of Ayurveda Treatment

A person is to be treated as healthy only when his mind, sense, organs and the soul is in the state of perfect equilibrium. In addition the body should be free from diseases. In ancient times people lived a healthy life & lived past one hundred years of age. But today people are living to only half of that age.

In the West it is believed that mankind started from one dark point and progressed to a bright future. According to Ayurveda, mankind started from an ideal and saintly world and proceeded to a corrupted, unhappy and disastrous existence. The quest is to regain some of original happy state to create a better future.

Ayurvedic medicine are developed from human experience and select only those methods that are proved effective.

In Ayurveda, natural medicine consists of plants, animal products and minerals. It does not directly attack the disease but, instead helps the living subject that has the disease.

Today we are so accustomed to modern drug therapy that we have forgotten the importance and necessity of releasing our bodies own healing powers. Without this force our bodies would remain in a state of disease.

There are an increasing number of Western people who are becoming disillusioned with the side effects of chemical drugs and are turning to Ayurvedic medicine as an effective alternative.

The basic and most important principal behind this Ayurvedic medicine is the balancing of our life force and maintenance and reliance in our body’s own natural healing power.

In Ayurvedic medicine we do not look for specific diseases but instead try to diagnose the unhealthy phenomenon that is occurring in a particular individual. We view the patient in terms of his body as unique from anyone else’s and take into consideration his basic constitution. Ayurveda then tries to find out why these diseases developed in the first place and works from there, rather than search for a cure.

Today, there are so many people who are midway between healthy and sick. We may call them half-healthy people. There is no positive way of helping them. In Ayurveda, we can immediately begin treatment to these half-healthy people before they get a disease. This is nothing but prevention. Ayurveda has a vast line of therapies to achieve this preventive health.

When we are healthy our body responds to the external environment in a natural, positive manner. Mental and emotional discomforts can be sensed immediately through Ayurvedic therapies. Thus this comfort and abnormal functioning of the mind and body can be relieved easily.

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