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Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions have a solid reputation for preventive and curative Ayurvedic treatments, offered to the many thousands who have visited their purpose built resort facilities in Negombo, Sri Lanka. With a team of highly qualified Ayurveda doctors, the resort is state of the art and fine-tuned towards your wellbeing. Although set amidst the bustling coastal town of Negombo, the Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions is a haven of tranquillity waiting to be experienced.

The hotel is a village-like collection of guest villas of two sizes – King Size & Queen Size. The King Size Villas consists of an entrance pavilion, a courtyard and a bedroom with a luxurious bathroom and modern conveniences. The Queen Size Villas consists of a smaller entrance gateway with the bedroom across the courtyard, which combines the massage area in its verandah. These guestrooms include luxurious bathrooms and all other modern amenities. Both types of villas provide typical Sri Lankan village atmosphere with comfortable verandahs, simple furniture suiting the tropical climate and semi-outdoor use. The internal courtyard of both types of villas are inspired from the traditional courtyards of Sri Lankan and ancestral houses called the “midula” with tropical trees and medicinal plants which over the next few years will provide handsome foliage.


Negombo, often called the “Golden Mile” on the West coast of Sri Lanka, is a unique resort town ideal for tourism. With the palm fringed golden beach, which is dotted with fishing villages, it is also called “Little Rome” due to its large number of Roman Catholic Churches. Hence, it makes Negombo a crossroad of religious and historical value where people of different cultures co-exist in harmony.

Its closeness to the Colombo International Airport makes Negombo a very convenient resort. Not only will you find several beach hotels but there is also a lot of history in the area. Here, an Old World atmosphere of 17th Century churches and forts sit side by side with modern hotels, guesthouses and restaurants that have sprung up along the beach in recent times.

Like many other coastal towns in Sri Lanka, Negombo was an important spice trade port long before the Portuguese set foot on the island. The Portuguese took possession of Negombo about 1600 and raised a small fort. The Dutch claimed the strong hold in 1640 and re-fortified it providing their initial foothold in Sri Lanka. When the British arrived in 1796, they found the fort abandoned. They tore most of the fort down and put up a large jail. A few other Dutch relics still remain, the main one being the canal system from Colombo to Puttalam, which is nearly 80 miles long.

Along the shopping streets of Negombo are numerous establishments selling religious medallions and artefacts, but these are balanced by a proliferation of toddy and Arrack taverns, which gives ample proof of the merry pattern of life that the population has adopted.

Negombo is a good place to watch fishermen at work. Their principle craft is the “Oruva”, a dugout outrigger canoe whose prehistoric evolution can be traced from the Comoro Islands off Mozambique, Africa to the South Seas. It has been here in Sri Lanka for a long time. You will see these fishermen bringing in their daily catch of crabs, prawns, seer and other fish to the fish markets. During the day they are mending their nets on the beach. Many make their homes on the small islands of Duva, across the lagoon from Negombo but connected by a motor-able causeway.


Each villa has a small backyard that contains specially selected medicinal plants and herbs, which guests are welcome to care for during their stay. Both types of villas enjoy similar spacious ensuite facilities with an outdoor bath in a small courtyard, which is a special feature of this purpose built facility. The guests can enjoy an herbal bath in the privacy of their own pavilions. The collection of twelve villas and the public facilities of a swimming pool, Ayurvedic restaurant and reception are also built like a small Sri Lankan village. The guests can walk along small footpaths that meander through the complex with potential green tropical vegetation of Ayurvedic plants and trees.

A very special feature of this garden is the discovery of several water features placed at important locations. These have been included to enhance the occupants’ eye and provide an atmosphere of serenity conducive to meditation.


Ayurveda does not prescribe one diet as best for everyone, such as raw foods, macrobiotics or the basic four food groups, but seeks to individualize and optimize nutrition for the individual, based on their constitutional type and the particular imbalances in the individual that need to be corrected. Food is selected based on its elemental balance, its taste, its effects on the body, and qualities of the foods. The main intention of diet in the Ayurvedic system is to nourish body tissue.

Ignoring the laws of correct living while allowing the accumulation of toxins in the body, results in disease. Ayurveda prescribes an individualized approach to the dietary and lifestyle practices, which keep people healthy and promote longevity. Ayurveda diet and cleansing practices are among the simplest, but most profoundly effective, it helps to restore your health and live a long and happy life.

Haute Cuisine a la Ayurveda Pavilions
The hotel restaurants serve only Ayurvedic cuisine and varieties of various tropical fruit drinks while a la carte menus ensure that all your senses are taken care of. All meals are accompanied with a description of the ingredients used & the benefits.


In-house Ayurvedic Therapy Centre.

Team of experienced doctors.

Ayurveda boutique.

Deluxe accommodation with all modern amenities.

Swimming pool with jet set facilities.



Authentic Ayurveda cookery demonstrations.

Lectures by Ayurveda specialists.

Music therapy.

Products and Services: Separate Ayurvedic treatment rooms for Queen Size Villas or King Size Villas, Yoga, Lectures by ayurveda specialists, Team of experienced Doctors, Sports and recreation facilities, Ayurveda boutique, Swimming pool, Meditation, Authentic ayurveda cooking demonstrations, Music Therapy.

Check-in/Check-out Time: Normal Check-in is 12.00 noon and Check-Out is at 11.00 a.m. Earlier Check-in or later Check-out time can be requested on a case by case basis and the hotel may agree depending on availability.

Address: Ethukale, Negombo, Sri Lanka
Airport: Colombo International – 25min


Sunset at Maravila, Negombo, Sri Lanka

Sunset at Maravila, Negombo, Sri Lanka

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