Tropical Leisure brings The Isle of Agnes to Sri Lanka

Agnes’ legend comes to life in hotel of US$1000.00 – US$10,000.00 per night

Elephant Corridor fame-Tropical Leisure plans to open the country’s latest high yielding ‘Isle of Agnes’ resort.

The resort will reflect high tech and the future in harmony with nature while continuing the life-style of southern Sri Lanka into the next generation, a spokesperson for Tropical Leisure said.

It will be the latest state of the art in a hotel catering to the uppermost bracket of modern day tourists at US$1,000.00 – US$10,000.00 is born of an appreciation of those times and people, mainly Ceylonese who lived in those times with style to match the greatest empire the world had known, that of the British.

“Agnes the southern Belle married at 15 who raised 7 children, planted and managed her estates, built and landscaped her bungalows while interacting with the other great families of the time and the foreigners who lived there, epitomized this. All the time she was at the side of her lawyer husband, whose champagne drinking expansive life-style was only matched by his social consciousness and politics at local government level,” the spokesperson said.

She added that the resort has been inspired by the diversity of language, architecture, furniture, eating habits, clothes during the Portuguese, Dutch and British Colonial times which blended to form vibrancy and style in southern Ceylon with few parallels in the world.


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