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Boulder Garden Hotel Resort Kalawana Sri Lanka BOULDER GARDEN is set against a lofty mountain in the tranquil, jungles of Sri Lanka’s South West region. It is a fine setting amidst both Paddy fields and low-country tea plantations. It is an all suite boutique hotel, which allows you to indulge yourself in luxury in a beautiful nature setting. Nature related activities such as Trekking, Bird watching, Cave tours, Kayaking Trips, Sinharaja Rain Forest visits, Abseiling and Mountain Biking can be done at your discretion in and around the place experiencing the ….


Yet Boulder Garden is no monastic experience. Immaculately presented comfortable rooms, a spectacular menu presented each day at the open-air restaurant tucked beneath a huge, granite boulder, the delightfully titled Cave bar and spring-water swimming pool nestled beneath the trees, are some of the quaint features of this wondrously charming hotel located in quiet and luxurious surroundings.


Boulder Garden Hotel Resort Kalawana Sri Lanka - LivingNestled amongst exotic tropical surroundings and beautifully manicured lowland tea estates on the fringes of the Sinharaja rainforest reserve, in the remote village of Kalawana, is the luxurious resort Boulder Garden.

Boulder Garden offers guests the ultimate in accommodation with opulently appointed guestrooms furnished in traditional style. 10 suites arranged in 4 rising tiers, linked by winding stone steps and deep corridors give a medieval ambience of rock walls, grilled windows massive timber beams and mirror-polished cement floors.

The 10 suites, consisting 2 natural caves and a 1 split level Family room and other 7 suites with twin bedded and double bedded suites have private Balconies and terraces from which the magnificent evergreen patch can be viewed. Guests to Boulder Garden can indulge in a range of food and beverage services in an open-air restaurant and natural cave bar offering international and typical Sri Lankan cuisine. Boulder Garden also features facilities for conventions and meeting.

Boulder Garden provides a sanctuary of serenity and beauty and is an oasis of relaxation. The establishment is highly active in local environmental and conservation projects, and also run active programs to develop local cultural pursuits. This all suites boutique hotel can best be described as a secluded hideaway in which to enjoy the beauties of nature along with superior levels of comfort and service.

Boulder Garden Hotel Resort Kalawana Sri Lanka - Dining

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The cuisine at Boulder Garden provides another high point as the resident Chef will prepare your typical Sri Lankan and international favourites exactly as you like it. The dining is predominantly out-door, but under a gigantic rock outcrop that just hangs there providing the perfect dining experience.


Boulder Garden is located in the perfect surrounds for bird and butterfly watching. The abundance of bird life in the area makes it an ornithologist’s paradise. With the world heritage site “Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve”, one of the countries main birdwatching locations just on their doorstep, Boulder Garden potentially promises rare birds and upto 242 species of indigenous butterflies (14 endemic).

Rain Forest Reserve

Sinharaja is one of the most beautiful virgin tropical rain forests remaining on the planet. The flora and fauna is an impressive 50% endemic. Due to its high biodiversity and ecological importance, it has been declared a National Heritage Wilderness Area, a World Protected Biosphere and also a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The vegetation of Sinharaja may be described either as a tropical lowland rain forest or tropical wet evergreen forest. Some striking characteristics of the forest are the loftiness of the dominant trees, the straightness of their bole, the abundance of regeneration and the diversity of species. Average height of the trees varies between 35m -40m. Some individuals rise even upto 50m. The vegetation of Sinharaja is that of humid wet evergreen forest type with a high degree of endemism. In fact some families such as Dipterocarpaceae show an endemism more than 90%. The untapped genetic potential of Sinharaja flora is enormous.

Sinharaja Butterfly Sinharaja Lizard Sinharaja Moth

Out of the 211 woody trees and lianas so far identified within the reserve 139 (66%) are endemic. Similarly, high levels of endemism are perhaps true for the lower plants like ferns, epiphyts as well.out of 25 general endemic to Sri Lanka 13 are represent in Sinharaja. The Total vegetation density, including trees, shrubs, herbs and seedlings has been estimated to be around 240,000 individuals per hectare, of which 95% comprise individuals of the ground layer bellow 1m in height.The density of trees, lianas above 30 cm girth at breast height, ranges between 600 – 700 individuals per hectare while the number of merchantable individuals of trees of girth grater than 150cm ranges between 45-55 individuals per hectare.

Studies on the fauna of Sinharaja have revealed that there is a high degree of endemism among the butterflies, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals are greater than 50%. There have been reports of sightings of a few animals in the eastern Secter. The most common deer species is the Sambhur The Monk deer and Barking deer are also found within the reserve. Leopards are very seldom sighted, but their frequent presence has been confirmed by tracks and other signs. Badger Mongoose and the Golden Palm Civet have been occasionally sighted. The most commonly seen primate is the Purple – faced Leaf Monkey. Although the elephants said to be common in the past, there have not been reports of sightings during the last 15 years.

Boulder Garden Hotel Resort Kalawana Sri Lanka - viewOut of the Birds recorded in the western sector of the reserve, 72% were resident non-endemic and 13% migrants. One of the most interesting and colorful spectacles to be found in the in the Sinharaja is the presence of mixed species of foraging bird flocks, a phenomenon commonly found in rain forests total of 100 such flocks were systematically observed, and studies have revealed that some flocks contained 48 species including 12 endemic species. The rare endemic birds to be seen in Sinharaja are the Red-faced Malkoha, the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, the Ashy-headed Barbbler, and the White – headed Starling and the Green – billed Coucal the rarest of Sri Lankan birds. The Agamids are the best represented group of reptiles, the most common being the Green Garden Lizard. Of Special significance are the sightings of Calotes Liolepis an arboreal species, the rearest of all agamids found in the island. The only Tortoise recorded in the reserve is the Hard – shelled Terrapin, while of the species of skinks, the spotted skink can be seen often. Among the snakes The Green Pit Viper and Hump-nosed Viper are commonly found in this forest and are endemic to Sri Lanka.

The amphibians are fairly well represented in the reserve and nine endemic species have been identified. The endemic Torrent toad and the common house toad. In most streams and marshes, the Wrinkled frog and The Sri Lankan Reed frog is also found in Sinharaja. Ramanella palmata a rare endemic species is the only microhylid recorded so far while the yellow-banded Caecilian is the only apodan recorded. It is desirable that you, who visit the forest, be sensitive to the need to conserve forests such as Sinharaja.Contray to the chaos and congestion prevailing in urban areas, it is in forests that the quality of life is best expressed. In addition man finds peace and tranquillity in forest.

Allow yourself sufficient time to roam about within nature’s green cathedral and enjoy its beauty and majesty whether you are a photographer, artist, scientist or a nature lover. “Please leave it as you find it” and you have our humble request.

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Products & Services: Delicious food is served in the open-air restaurant situated beneath the largest boulder – There’s also a cave bar and spring-water swimming pool nestled in the shady, quiet and luxurious surroundings.

Check-in/Check-out Time – Normal check-in time is 12.00 noon and check-out is 11.00 a.m. Earlier check-in time or a later check-out time could be requested on a case by case basis and the hotel may agree depending on availability.

Address: Kalawana, Sri Lanka
Airport: Colombo International – 90km


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