Mandara Resort opens in Mirissa | Weligama | Sri Lanka

Mandara Resort Mirissa, Weligama, Sri LankaMandara Resort in Mirissa, Weligama which opened last month has became the latest addition to Sri Lanka’s rich list of boutique hotels. The owners who’s first hotel Rosen Renaissance in Kataragama, also now re branded ‘The Mandara Kataragama’, have invested over £2 million in this latest Board of Investments [BoI] approved venture.

The new Mandara Resort is perfectly located on one of the islands most beautiful beaches in Mirissa, in the deep south; a fishing enclave famous for its fresh seafood, tropical fruit and cinnamon plantations, just minutes away from the beautiful Weligama bay. Besides being surrounded by the sea, the hotel also offers its guests a swimming pool with magical fibre optic lighting.

Weligama is the perfect beach holiday destination with surfing, scuba diving, deep sea or big game fishing and snorkelling being the most popular offerings. There are many good hotels in the area and several ayurvedic spas and health centres as well. There’s also dolphin watching and seasonal whale watching excursions offered by the Mandara Resort, according to Conrad Fonseka, General Manager.

As a part of the resorts social responsibility to the community the management has given preference to recruit staff from the area, who will be trained in Kataragama and then brought back to the resort in Weligama.

The management explains that by having two strategically located hotels in the south of the country where a new international airport is under construction and several other developments happening in the region, they are looking towards the future with Mandara Kataragama ideally located to offer cultural and wildlife tours in the region, while the new Mandara Resort in Mirissa will be the beach destination. “By creating the hotel in Weligama the management is now in a better position to market both properties and give the beach and cultural concept to their overseas clients”.

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4 comments on “Mandara Resort opens in Mirissa | Weligama | Sri Lanka
  1. Viv Wallace says:

    I love Mirissa but this is not on the main beach. Where exactly is it?

  2. I was unaware of SRI Lanka as a scuba diving destination – from the pictures this looks a great place.

  3. myx says:

    Main Beach? Weligama is a huge bay which is pretty much all beach – there is no main beach. However, this beach is at the south end of the bay which is a very good thing because the the water can be a little rough in some areas but here it is a bit calmer which makes swimming more relaxing.

    As to diving, Weligama is a 45 minute sea plane flight from the Maldives – so yes, the diving is very good. However, unlike the Maldives, one is not captive on an atoll which means it is much, much less expensive.

  4. Keith Brown says:

    This is closer to Weligama actually and nowhere near Mirissa beach, very missleading actually. Tsktsk !