‘Life’ Resort SriLanka for better life

‘Life Ayurveda Resort’, one of the pioneering Ayurveda therapy hotels, is located right on the Beach in Thalpitiya, Wadduwa, just 45 minutes drive from Colombo. Though it is nearly ten years old, ‘Life’ came to be known better after Aloysius Dissanayake, the Director/General Manager took over few years back.

The main Ayurvedic Physician of the Resort is Dr Mrs. Chandrika Dissanayake, who is the wife of DGM of the Resort.

This husband and wife combination of the Ayurveda Travel business has done the magical development to the Resort and gained a name as the top medical tourism attraction in Sri Lanka.

‘Most of our customers Europeans and Germans head the top in arrivals’ said Aloysius Dissanayake

‘Life Ayurveda Resort’ formally known as Lotus Ayurveda Hotel, consists of ten air conditioned rooms, a swimming pool, well equipped treatment Centre and the main restaurant.

The Restaurant serves local and international cuisine and special Ayurvedic food is served for guests on doctor’s recommendation.

‘Our main asset is the well equipped Ayurvedic Treatment Centre and it is the focal point of this Resort. Well trained and experienced Ayurvedic Therapists and qualified Ayurvedic Physicians are at guests or at patients’ service.

Most of the overseas visitors come for treatments or to escape from the busy, hectic life of the West and to overcome stresses’ explained Dissanayake.

The resort has a special garden area with a courtyard pool with flowers. Various endemic flora in the original style, and an open area of a herbal garden with treatments outdoors. This is unique in Sri Lanka.

‘Ayurveda is a gentle method of healing. The applications are natural, delicate, not offensive, non-invasive. This kind of medicine requires an understanding between healer and patient. The methods include plant medicine, natural food, massages’ explained Dr Chandrika.

Ayurveda, the knowledge of life, is a natural medical system from India and Sri Lanka, more than 5000 years old. It arose from the observation of human and plant. A harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit built, stand in the centre.

‘The ayurvedic treatment is over the centuries, its practical application to a complex system matured, which in many ways modern medicine can enrich landscape.

Sharp observations and selfless research led the Ayurveda measures to optimize all areas of life discover a deep insight into the nature of being reflect.

Three compliance leads to a balanced life on physical, mental and spiritual level.

Thus binds the Ayurveda in the maintenance of the laws of nature, of which the modern man’ she said.

The treatment includes ‘Varmana’ in the first week, ‘Virechan’ on second week, ‘Basti Nasayam’ and ‘Raktha Mokasana’ on third week and ‘Head Pack’ on fourth.

By Sanath Weerasuriya, Pix Neil Siriweera



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