Sea Anglers Club to go fishing in grand style this year

The Ceylon Sea Anglers Club will hold its third annual Madu Ganga Estuary Fishing Competition on October 4. Established in 1934 and located at Barberyn Island at its inception, the Sea Anglers Club was subsequently moved to Clappenberg Bay after the 2nd World War. This club holds the distinction of being one of the few resident angling clubs in the world, and has the charm and character to lure anglers from all over the world.

Situated in one of the most picturesque locations in our resplendent isle, it is home to an abundance of game fish species. In its more recent history however the sport of angling in Trincomalee has been littered with obstacles due the prevailing conflict.

In 2006 the Committee decided to organize events in the south west coast and inland waterways to enhance the sport and also to raise much needed funds for the upkeep of the Club. In October 2006, the Club conducted its inaugural Madu Ganga Estuary Fishing Competition. Madu Ganga was chosen so that anglers who frequent inshore lakes, such as Bolgoda, would get an opportunity to explore the unspoiled surroundings of other estuaries like Madu Ganga which boasts a healthy stock of Barramundi and other fresh water species. The event was successfully held last year as well.

The year’s event is shaping up to be a bigger success. The Troll will be held on October 4 and will be a wonderful day out for anglers and their families. Exciting prizes await this year’s winners including Penn Reels, Cabelas inshore rods, Plano tackle boxes, Berkley fishing accessories etc.

Other prizes include a weekend for two sponsored by Keells Hotel Management Services, a precision SWATCH wristwatch sponsored by B.P. De Silva’s and a mobile phone sponsored by Dialog Telekom.

Entries close on September 30. For more details, email: or call Harry on 0777762276 or Harin on 0777390396, or check their website

The CSAC, together with clubs such as Sports Fishing Club of Sri Lanka, have made it their mission to promote the sport of angling in Sri Lanka. Conducting competitions using IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) guidelines, the CSAC regulates sustainable fishing, ensuring that competitors release all fish that are below the sanctioned size according to the rules of the competition.



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3 comments on “Sea Anglers Club to go fishing in grand style this year
  1. Rod Fisher says:

    Is that a barracuda in the first picture? Anyways nice fish, and the ones in the second picture are monsters, I have no idea what they are but looks like they can meet the weight limit 🙂

  2. Den says:

    The fist one is a Barracuda and the nest two are giant Jacks, we catch them here in the Maldives.

  3. Ranil Nalwansa says:

    The first fish is a King Mackerel or KingFish as it’s called in certain parts of the world… In Sri Lanka many call the fish, Seer.
    Cudas doesn’t have the first dorsal fin as this fish has and the lateral line having a strong right after the second dorsal fin is only present in King Macks.

    The second two fishes and GT’s or Giant Trevally,
    they belong to Jack/Carangidae family…
    And GT’s do put up a good fight… 🙂
    Larger King fish of course gives you a good first run right after hook up that has earned them the