Amaya Hills | Ayurveda Spa Resort | Kandy | Sri Lanka


A palace in the hills where architecture and details that embody the spirit of the ancient Kingdom of Kandy. A cool retreat perched high above a town renowned as the most beautiful in Sri Lanka. Amaya Hills resort brings guests authentic Sri Lankan experiences along with architecture, arts, music, dance, cuisine – Amaya incorporates each aspect of local culture into its retreats.

The pool with a view is at the meeting point of the resort’s three wings, the swimming pool area allows guests to go for an invigorating swim or lounge in the open air with a stunning outlook on the valley and distant hills.

The billiards hall delights fans of both pool and cricket. Autographs from numerous international cricket teams don cricket bats around the halls. As Amaya Hills is the favourite haunt for visiting cricket teams, you may even have a chance to enjoy a round of billiards with some of the players in person.

Amaya Hills enjoys a location surrounded by nature. The resort naturalist, Susantha, leads guests in discovering the natural beauty and wildlife of the Sri Lankan hill country. Popular activities include Jungle Treks, Hiking, Cycling, River Fishing and Night Safaris. With a vast number of birds, many found nowhere else in the world, the area is a favourite of professional and novice birdwatchers. A one hour expedition allows experienced birdwatchers to see up to 45 species, while beginners will encounter 25-30.

Tea Estate tours acquaint guests with the different variety of teas – both on the bush and in the cup.

Amaya Hills frequently hosts events for foreign and domestic companies. Facilities include a 4,700 sq.ft conference hall, along with smaller committee rooms and the option to convert rooms and dining facilities into private venues. The resort’s unique character and relaxing atmosphere make it a very popular site for incentive gatherings.

Stay connected. Wi-fi access lets you surf the web throughout the resort.

Ayurveda Spa: An ancient healing art of India and Sri Lanka. Holistic experiences designed for lasting effects. A visit to the Ayurvedic Centre engages all of the senses – warm oil against skin, the scent of local herbs, the spicy flavours of local teas, a glimpse at local culture, the sound of a fragrant steam rising around the body.

Ayurveda therapists tailor treatments to the individual, with techniques and herbal ingredients specifically chosen to meet each person’s body and lifestyle. Amaya Hills offers a team of male and female spa therapists trained and led by a certified Ayurveda specialist.

The Ayurvedic spa’s most popular attraction is the Herbal Body Treatment – a combination of three Ayurvedic treatments: herbal oil body massage, herbal steam and herbal bath. These and other body treatments can be booked individually or enjoyed as part of a Wellness Programme, lasting from 3-21 days.

While Ayurveda is gaining popularity around the world, Amaya Hills is the perfect place to come and experience Ayurvedic treatments at their source, where they have been practiced for centuries. The Amaya experience is a reflection of Sri Lankan culture. As Ayurvedic treatments are an integral science and art form of Sri Lanka, they are also integral to Amaya. You are invited to discover Ayurvedic healing and relaxation at Amaya Hills, or enhance your holiday with a stay at both Amaya Hills and sister Ayurveda spa resort, Amaya Lake in Dambulla.

Truly experience the heart of Ayurveda. Ancient remedies for modern-day ills.

Modern-day lifestyles and environments offer convenience, instant gratification, a world of delights at our fingertips and a universe of toxins accumulating in our bodies. Ayurveda treatment allows us to expel these toxins from the body. Most of the treatments offered at Amaya’s Ayurveda spas are forms of purification. While deeply relaxing, they are also immensely beneficial, promoting the removal of the poisons that affect our physical and mental well-being.

Herbal steam baths are forms of Swedana-karma or sudation therapy (treatments that promote sweating). In addition to the purification of the sweating action itself, various medicinal herbs also impart their own therapeutic benefits. Commonly used herbs include vasa, nimba, eranda, bilva and daru haridra. Many locally grown herbs are on hand and the combination of Ayurvedic herbs used may be individualised to meet the needs of each guest.

Herbal steams, Herbal baths, Ayurveda massage and other Ayurvedic treatments at Amaya resorts allow you to detox, to achieve balance and to recharge your body.

Wellness Programmes: While the Ayurvedic Centre welcomes short-term visitors, the greatest results are seen in the longer more comprehensive programmes which could last several days or even several weeks. Through consultation the Ayurveda doctor develops a full understanding of your overall wellbeing and tailors a programme to meet your body’s specific needs. The resort offers 3-21 day programmes which are tailored to each guest.


Rooms: Fine details borrowed from the temples and historic architecture of Kandy. Traditional sun and moon motifs. Furnishing in deep red and black with tinges of gold – colours that evoke the murals of the kingdom’s earlier centuries. A private balcony with valley or mountain views.

Junior Suites: A spacious bedroom opens onto your sitting area, complete with a traditional wide Kandyan sofa-bed. A private sunset balcony perfect for enjoying the view evenings or throughout the day. Unique local touches to décor, such as wooden mirror panels depicting the Buddhist story Sutasoma Jathaka with imagery from murals at Degal Doruva Temple.

Suites: Regal details. Each of the four Suites is named for previous governors of Kandy and features an antique noble costume encased in glass. Woodcarvings portray local religious imagery – a dancing Shiva, Kinduriya – celestial musicians, traditional dancers. The Suites allow guests to be surrounded with the local culture. Perfect comfort and Kandyan elegance.

The Suites wing (Uththara Prasada) can be reached from the lobby or from the pool area via a stone staircase lined with natural boulders.


Rasawasala Restaurant: Sri Lankan curries. International favourites, including Italian, Chinese, Indian and Japanese cuisine. Homemade pasta. Dishes that bring out the flavours of local produce such as mango, avocado, baby jack fruit and rambutan fruit. Dine on the outdoor terrace or indoors below carved wooden ceiling panels and wall hangings of Kandyan spears and copper trays. Distinctive mahogany chairs are woven with rattan in original designs.

The Executive Chef brings thirty years of experience and has shared the delights of Sri Lankan cuisine at cities throughout Europe – Venice, Paris, Lyon.

Dumbara Bar: Simple – Bold – Elegant, black and white geometric designs deck the walls and furnishings. Each design was inspired by the motifs in woven mats from Kandy’s Dumbara regions. Small mats are displayed as works of art within glass tabletops. The room’s black chairs are replicas of those seen in a painting from Sri Lanka’s Dutch colonial period. Enjoy drinks served with Sri Lanka’s phenomenal friendliness.

Tea Room: A warm and inviting setting to savour a cup of the world-famous Ceylon hill country tea. Comfortable sofas surround distinctive tables – large copper pots displaying dried tea beneath round glass tabletops.

At the source – Taste the nectar which brought empires to fight for the right to control its trade. Sip an aromatic brew that only a few generations before was worth its weight in gold.

Le Garage: The nightclub. From the pool area, descend via the stairs to Le Garage for drinks, dancing and a memorable evening. The world’s favourite cocktails and local Sri Lankan snacks. Underground in a high mountain setting. The most modern corner of a very traditional resort.

Location: By day: Green hills rising around a picturesque lake. Bustling streets. Ancient temples. By night: a sparkle of lights twinkling across the hillsides.

The Kingdom of Kandy was Sri Lanka’s last stronghold against colonial powers, and the Sinhalese heritage here is the most visible in the nation. A quiet, cool town with a charming atmosphere and truly beautiful setting.

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