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The raban drum heralds your arrival. Four older women, flashing beautiful Sri Lankan smiles, encircle a large barrel drum where they pound out a hearty rhythm. Flowing white vesak lanterns hang from the high ceilings of the open air lobby. Meander down a forested path to discover your villa, or continue to the Warichchi Village and begin a weeklong journey at the Ayurvedic Spa.

An early morning trip takes you to the wonders of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress or any of the numerous Cultural Triangle sites. Spend the first half of the day exploring the terraces and views from atop. Then return to Amaya for a light lunch. Relax your muscles with an Ayurvedic massage, incorporating fragrant oils, followed by an herbal bath and herbal steam. A nature walk takes you on a leisurely stroll, encountering birds, flowers, giant squirrels, rice paddies and local fishermen. After nightfall, dine poolside as you watch local dancers performing to Dambulla’s indigenous music.

Graceful lines of an ancient statue. Temple ruins. Palace ramparts. Monasteries. Royal gardens. Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle offers visitors a glimpse into ancient kingdoms and enduring monuments.

Amaya Lake is situated within easy reach of numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites within the Cultural Triangle which are a major attraction for tourists to the region. The closest major sites are the Dambulla Cave Temples and Sigiriya, but many guests staying at Amaya Lake enjoy visiting sites throughout the entire area including Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

Many guests plan daily morning visits to cultural sites followed by afternoon spa treatments. Feel free to follow the resorts suggestions. And of course, guests can also experience Amaya Lake according to their own desires.

Encounter the forest as it comes alive, with a night safari to Minneriya or Kawudulla. Explore nature with a daytime jungle trek or elephant safari. Hike / mountain bike through the local countryside. Enjoy a boat ride on the lake. Hop on a bullock cart to tour the local village area and observe birdlife alongside the river.

As an eco resort, Amaya Lake lets you experience nature throughout your stay. Around the grounds you will find labels on plants and trees identifying each species. An amazing variety of birdlife calls the resort home and the resorts naturalists are happy to lead you on a bird watching expedition. Certified as a ‘Bird Friendly Resort of Sri Lanka’, Amaya Lake, under the supervision of Prof. Sarath Kotagama, acts as a haven for the wealth of birdlife. During your stay, enjoy the opportunity to view graceful white egrets, bright emerald Alexandrine parakeets, golden orioles, colourful orange-breasted green pigeons, bright yellow Oriental white eyes, the tickles-blue flycatcher, the scarlet-coloured flamebacks and the dozens of other species that share Amaya with its guests.

Transportation to/from the resort, individual excursions or a daily chauffeur-driven car can be easily arranged by the hotel.

Ayurveda Spa

Cross through the entrance and find yourself in an open-air courtyard. Thatched roofs top wattle and daub dwellings. Antique kohomba wooden pillars and 200-year-old medicine cupboards grace the consultation area. Baskets of drying Ayurvedic herbs sit immersed in the sun or tucked away in the shade. Incense and oil lamps burn by the statue of Sri Dhanvantari, the patron deity of Ayurveda.

For purifying, aromatic steams, the spa houses two kohomba wood steam baths, while Ayurvedic herbal baths are enjoyed in two special outdoor tubs. One, hollowed out from a Diya Labu vine, accommodates single guests or couples. The Gal Oruwa, carved out of rock, is used for therapeutic baths with milk and herbal oils.

Experience Ayurvedic therapies such as herbal body massages and facial treatments, offered in seven treatment rooms. For guests on Rejuvenation Programmes, two Shirodhara rooms provide this powerful treatment, directing a continuous stream of warm oil on the centre of the forehead.

Book each Ayurveda treatment individually, or embark on a 7-14 day Rejuvenation Programme. Dine on Ayurvedic cuisine in the spa restaurant – Wewe Kade – and pick up Ayurveda oils and powders to continue the benefit of your treatments at home.

Ayurveda healing promotes overall wellness, purifying and restoring the optimal balance for each individual.

Benefits of Ayurveda treatment include :
– Preventing and counteracting the aging process (jara)
– Helping to overcome fatigue (srama) and stress
– Preventing and correcting disorders of the nervous system (vata)
– Promoting the healthy functioning of the five sense organs as well as
other vital organs
– Nourishment (pushti) of the body
– Promoting longevity (ayus) of the individual


Chalets: Set on 12 hectares bordering Kandalama Lake. Paths wind through the natural forested grounds with 92 Sri Lankan villas scattered amongst the trees. A terrace fronts each villa, with a traditional long seat moulded into the patio. Enjoy the view as you sit next to a tree-trunk column supporting the red-tiled roof. A full-size image of King Kasyapa in the region’s local painting style graces the door. Inside, find more examples of local artistry – wall sculptures and murals. A moulded sofa, with comfortable cushions allows you to relax in the sitting area while steps lead to a slightly raised bedroom area and a spacious bathroom.

Two-and four-unit chalets (double and quadruple villas connected through a common passageway with separate entrances) are available for families and interested groups.

Club Lodges: Four adjoining villas accommodate guests seeking a luxurious space of their own. Spacious. High wooden ceilings. Contemporary décor, with architecture inspired by the local area,and furnishings in elegant dark wood panelling. Plasma screen televisions for modern luxury.

Warichchi Village / Eco Lodges: The culture of central Sri Lanka. A village lifestyle for guests who seek an experience found nowhere else. Eleven traditional-style dwellings face a central pond. Like an authentic village, houses face inwards towards each other, expressing the notion that inner appearance and ties within the village are more important than the outside world.

Nearby, the Ayurvedic Spa and Wewe Kade Ayurvedic restaurant complement the indigenous experience. Each house is unique in design and possesses its own name, for example, Kalundewa Gedera – House at the Water Tank of the Village of Black Bamboo.

The temporary materials used at Warichchi and local villages reflect the Buddhist doctrine of Aniththaya, which states everything is impermanent. Cadjan, the local form of thatch, composes the roofs. Walls are made of warichchi (wattle and daub) construction; naturally pigmented mud covers an internal structure of criss-crossing wooden supports. While the four yellow, red and brown earth tones found in the walls of the houses appear at first glance to be paint, these are actually the natural colours of the mud used in construction. The bright red comes from nearby Kandalama Lake . A pilla, or raised platform fronts each villa as a verandah with built in seat. Many components of the décor, including doors, windows and lamps, are original antiques. Viyagaha and poruwa, tools used in farming rice paddy, double as mirror frames within the Warichchi villas. Every villa has its own individual layout and unique furnishings.


Samara Open Air Restaurant: High wooden ceilings tower overhead, providing room for fresh breezes and views of the surrounding nature. A buffet of Sri Lankan delights with rich spicy aromas sits alongside a wide selection of international dishes. Fresh local fruits grace a table of Sri Lankan and European style sweets.

Open Air Bar: A local beer or favourite cocktail. A view of Kandalama Lake. A comfortable chair to sit back and take pleasure in the evening. The open air bar is located on the lower deck of the hotel lobby and is open from 10:00 am to midnight. The nearby pool-bar serves a full range of tropical juices, cocktails, beers and spirits from 10:00am-6:00 pm.

Wewe Kade Ayurvedic Restaurant: Healthy, flavourful foods selected to restore the body’s well-being. Home-grown vegetables harvested by the Warichchi Village gardeners. Ayurvedic herbs grown throughout the resort. Vegetarian cuisine prepared on a wood-burning stove.

The Wewe Kade Ayurvedic restaurant caters to guests immersing themselves in a full Ayurvedic experience with a stay at the village-style accommodation. On weekends Wewe Kade also welcomes guests from throughout the resort. You are advised to talk to the staff for more information on Ayurvedic dining experiences.

Nightly Herbal Drinks: Native Sri Lankan herbs grown at Amaya and boiled as an herbal ‘tea’. An infusion Ranawara flowers to purify the body, reduce fatigue and help digestion. A light brew of coriander leaves and seeds, serving to cool the body, reduce cholesterol and stimulate the senses as an aphrodisiac.

Each night the open air restaurant offers guests a different warm herbal drink prepared according to the guidance of the doctors at the Ayurveda Spa.

Placards in the lobby announce the name of each herbal drink and its medicinal properties. It’s custom to sample a glass after dinner. Ayurveda porridges made with local roots and herbs are also available as a complement to your evening meal.

Special Events

A mystical evening encircled by the winding branches of a forest glade. A lakeside barbecue with Sri Lankan drumming. A cocktail hour by the pool.

Amaya Lake helps create spectacular events for groups who wish to have a special afternoon or evening to themselves. Ask the resort about arranging your next event.

Resort Facilities

Tennis and badminton is available on site. A cricket pitch. [Not the Dambulla International stadium] Volleyball. Children’s playground. A centrally located swimming pool. Shops. Nature trails. Ayurvedic Spa. A yoga ashrama, situated at the lake’s edge. Wi-fi access for wireless Internet at any location of your choice – by the pool, en-suite or the shade of the forest.

Relax. Energise. Work out. Chill out. Massage therapy. Retail therapy. Enjoy a variety of on-site facilities to suit your interests and needs.

Products & Services :107 A/C Luxury chalets, 24-hour Room Service, Foreign Currency Exchange, Same-day Laundry Service, IDD Facilities, Safety Lockers and Left Luggage Facilities, Tennis and badminton, Cricket, Volleyball, Children’s playground, A centrally located swimming pool, Shops, Nature trails, Ayurvedic Spa, A yoga ashram, Wi-fi access.

Check-in/Check-out Time: Normal Check-in Time is 12.00 noon and Check-Out time is 11.00 a.m. Earlier Check-in Time or later Check-out time could be requested on a case by case basis and the hotel may agree depending on availability.

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