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Golden sands – Days spent lazing on the beach of Sri Lanka’s southern coast – Exploring the ocean, diving shipwrecks, snorkelling the reef. Poolside cocktails. Seaside lobster. Beach walks. Rainforest excursions.! This is paradise. Friendly smiles and personalised service, whether you are a first-time guest or one of the many repeat visitors.

Most guests choose to spend their days around the sea, and the resort has been designed with this desire in mind. Every room has a sea view, where early risers can enjoy the brilliant early morning blue from their balcony. Enjoy breakfast in the ocean-side restaurant, choosing from international fare or Sri Lankan style for a taste of local cuisine [Don’t miss the ftropical ruit salad topped with curd and honey]. A morning walk south along the beach will take you to quiet stretches of beach bordered by lush greenery and coconut palms swaying in the sea breeze.

In the afternoon, snorkel the coral reef or take a trip to the Dutch colonial fort in nearby Galle. a UNESCO listed World Heritage City. Amaya Reef arranges snorkelling excursions so you can see the attraction that lends the resort its name. For divers, Amaya helps you to book diving trips that catch the highlights of the southern coast. PADI certification courses are also available.

Luxuriate in the evening with a lobster dinner, freshly caught and served according to your taste.

Transportation to/from Amaya Reef, individual excursions or a daily chauffeur-driven car can be easily arranged by the hotel.

Hikkaduwa is a lively beach town straddling Galle Road, which runs from Colombo to the country’s southern reaches. As you walk through the town, you will encounter shops where you can pick up local artwork, batiks, clothing or even a distinctive piece of jewellery.

Those seeking culture will find the town dotted with a few interesting temples, and heading a little inland you can catch a glimpse of the local lifestyle. Just cross Galle Road and stroll down a promising sidelane, where you may discover a temple ceremony, local farmers, rice paddy’s, or a spirited game of cricket.

From Amaya Reef you can explore the southern coastline. The hotel offers the following excursions.

– Visit to Galle City
– Visit to Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum, Koggala
– Stilt fishing at Ahangama
– Visit to world-famous Sinharaja Rainforest
– Madu Ganga safari in Balapitaya
– Turtle Hatchery at Kosgoda
– Watersports at Bentota
– Deep Sea Catamaran Fishing
– Train tour to Matara
– Moonstone mine at Meetiyagoda

Ayurveda Spa: The science of life, Ayurveda is an ancient healing science practiced extensively in Sri Lanka and India. A holistic approach to wellness and to maintaining a balance between the body and the mind, passed on from one generation to the next for centuries. It is a journey back in time to discover one of the best-kept secrets of Sri Lanka.

Experience this time-honoured tradition at Amaya Reef’s Ayurveda spa. Elevate your holiday with healing encounters with the elements of nature, herbal remedies, aromatic steams, and purifying scents. Oil body massage enhanced by individually selected Ayurvedic medicinal oils that relax the muscles. Facial treatment under aromatic steam that rejuvenates the skin. Herbal bath with the scents of locally grown herbs that cleanse and detoxifythe body.

Each therapeutic treatment is performed by qualified Ayurvedic specialists, under close supervision of the resident Ayurvedic physician. For guests who require a specific treatment, tailor-made programmes an be designed with particular attention paid to the selection of individual herbal ingredients and therapeutic techniques.

Led by well-trained male and female therapists, Amaya Reef offers a wide selection of popular Ayurveda spa treatment programmes.


Overlook the Indian Ocean from your balcony or terrace. Every one of Amaya Reef’s 54 rooms features an ocean view and each offers individual design. Simplicity – Clean design that allows you to enjoy the natural setting. Ocean breezes. Sri Lankan sunsets. A comfortable space of your own to enjoy the beauty of Hikkaduwa.


Seaside Restaurant: Grilled lobster. Sri Lankan fish. Tiger prawns. Sri Lankan curries. Dine on the freshest seafood with exquisite flavours and local touches that give each dish a flavour unique from any you have tasted elsewhere in the world.

Amaya Reef’s culinary director and staff seek out the individual desires of each guest, ensuring them a personalised dining experience that outshines the buffets or one-menu-suits-all approach found in many restaurants.

Theme nights bring you close to Sri Lankan culture and world cuisine, with décor and culinary offerings evoking each special theme.

Open Air Bar: Savour drinks at the bar, chatting with the friendly bartenders or enjoy your cocktails at a table beneath the trees. The bar is found between the main building and the seaside restaurant. Choose your pleasure from a selection of cocktails, beers, wines, shooters. Adventurous revellers are invited to try a drink made from the strong local coconut liquor arrack.

High Tide Pub: Your holiday splash begins. Feel the rhythm. Allow the body to move with the flow of energy. Grab a margarita and experience a high tide of fun as your body warms up to the ambience.

With a well-stocked bar, bartenders at High Tide Pub can concoct a wide range of alcoholic drinks and cocktails to satisfy your imagination. The bar also serves savoury bite-sized snacks or “short-eats” with a touch of local spice and flavour.

The sands of Hikkaduwa shine a beautiful golden yellow and long after your trip you are likely to remember the hours spent strolling down the beach, swimming along the shore or basking in the equatorial sun for a tan to be envied.

The beach – its spectacular scenery and relaxed atmosphere – this is what brings guests to Hikkaduwa.

A famed surfing destination. A coral sanctuary perfect for snorkelling. Diving expeditions which take you to the most fascinating underwater sites in the area.

Products & Services :54 A/C Rooms, Room Service, Foreign Currency Exchange, Laundry Service, IDD Facilities, Swimming Pool, Ayurvedic Spa Treatments, Nightclub (opening soon), Tennis, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Surfing, Water Polo, Boat Rides, Beach Rugby, Indoor Games.

Check-in/Check-out Time Normal Check-in Time is 12.00 noon and Check-Out time is 11.00 a.m. Earlier Check-in Time or later Check-out time could be requested on a case by case basis and the hotel may agree depending on availability.

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