The old world charm of the Mount Lavinia Hotel

Scott McDonald of Reuters has described the Mount Lavinia Hotel as “Colonial mystique, a secret tunnel, an amazing sunset view and a scandalous affair involving a bare breasted dancer – Sri Lanka’s Mount Lavinia Hotel seems to have them all…”

Starting off as an imposing and majestic weekend abode for a British Governor in 1806, situated 12 kms from the city centre, Mount Lavinia Hotel, consisting of 275 rooms, retains the old world charm and imperial elegance of yesteryear combined with the most upto date facilities of a modern resort that any discerning traveller might ask for.

A vast expanse golden sandy beaches with frothy white lacing of waters that go far into the clearest and deepest blues you’ve ever seen… under a warm sunny day and a silvery moon on a night sky – you’ll find what was once the sprawling mansion of Sir Thomas Maitland.

It is said that one cannot blame the staid and sober Sir Thomas Maitland for forgetting himself and falling head over heels in love with a local mestizo named Lavinia. Given the circumstances, the romantic setting, the enticing eyes and the flaming dances of Lavinia after whom the area itself has been named, anyone might have done the same.

This perhaps is why Mount Lavinia Hotel is reputed to be the most romantic and popular venue for weddings and a favourite destination for honeymooners. An extract from Newsweek magazine described The Mount Lavinia Hotel Terrace as “One of the World’s Best Gathering Places” and has this to say ….” For many people the romance of the East is inseparable from the Old World Charm of its colonial era buildings – and none is more romantic than Colombo’s Mount Lavinia Hotel…

Today, the Hotel’s Terrace Bar offers much more than just a romantic history.

Connoisseurs of gracious living come for the heart – stoppingly beautiful panorama of the Indian Ocean. But equally potent are the ice – cold beers, gin and tonics, and whisky and sodas that slip down so smoothly with the setting of the sun.”

In addition, this famous Terrace now offers its guests “Movies Under the Moon” on Saturday nights. These are VCDs and DVDs of popular and current movies, projected on a giant white wall measuring approximately 25 feet across, right under the moonlit or starlit sky, overlooking the vast Indian Ocean and the beautiful Colombo city skyline by night.

Or if your heart is set on the soft sands of the Paradise beach, try out the Seafood cooked Market on the beach daily in the evenings and have your favourite seafood your favourite way.

Don’t let life pass you by….. visit the Mount.

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