Spice and new dynamism lifts tourism to new heights

Visit_Sri_Lanka_2011_logoBy Steve A. Morrell

Inevitably, perceptions are that tourism will take on new dimensions. Innovation that could spell myriad possibilities are factually mind boggling. The subject is that wide.

Pleasingly fresh thinking in the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority nurtured novelty and modernism and the newest idea surfaced this week to enliven the spice festival this year.

The tourism industry has a formidable task ahead of them and revelations at the press brief were that there now pervades an aura of purpose and an attitude of ‘lets do it’, enthusiasm .

Present at the press conference, Minister Tourism Promotion Faizer Mustapha said the World Spice Food Festival would signal an image building pointer that Sri Lanka is well on course to garner enhanced tourist traffic and all indicators were that things were looking good.

He said after about 30 years devastation stemming from war, reparation should take renewed urgency. He also conceded that although there was enthusiasm among those involved in Tourism, and an Industry as we know it to be, nobody should expect miracles. Realistically, he said leaders familiar to the tourism trade have responded positively and there was now sense of ownership in broad perspectives to make things work.

Considering there was to be international experts in varied cuisine performing their individual culinary artistry, the press questioned organizers if there would be team spirit or would such cross cooking experts work in tangent against each other rather than in tandem. Although answers to this question were somewhat garbled, the bottom line was there would be distinct organization and purpose in its total concept.

Since the spice festival was a exigent vehicle to promote spicy food, much in concert with the Sri Lankan spicy food image, it was also informed that the spice growers Association or SAPPTA, were kept in the dark and not partners to this entire promotion.

The Minister conceded this was not done, but said future events of similar prestige will involve that organization as well.

Present at the media conference were Director Standards and Quality Assurance, SLTDA, Upali de Silva, Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Bernard Goonetilleke, Secretary Ministry of Tourism, George Michael, Faizer Mustapha, CEO HSBC, Nick Nicolauou, Head Financial section, HSBC Sarit Wijekoon, and Steering Committee member, Alan Palmer .

Upali de Silva said the spice festival would involve chefs from different parts of the world.

Most five star locations would either have spice sites in their locations or they would be part of an enormous show on Galle Face Green.

Possibilities for ‘Hawker Street’ food fests would not be ruled out.

Cuban American, with chef Leonel, similarly wide variety in spice foods from Jaffna, to Lebanon, Italy, Malaysian, Spanish cuisine, Moroccan, Thai, and an elongated list of food variety will be on offer 6th to 14th November.

George Michael said it was not only that Colombo and its suburbs were important to the tourist industry, but the entire country was.

Fauna and flora seen in practically every part of Sri Lanka held spectacular vistas of natural grandeur wholly complemented by spectacular scenery seen in the hills and most Up Country areas. He said there literally was no end to what a foreign traveler could see, and leave completely satisfied.

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4 comments on “Spice and new dynamism lifts tourism to new heights
  1. Eli Ally says:

    I’m so glad Sri Lanka has managed to rid itself of terrorism

  2. Lacey Cook says:

    Yes, it’s such a beautiful country. Never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Dixi Fellows says:

    I was suprised at how different from India it was in Sri Lanka. Although being neighbours, they are worlds apart.

  4. Burton Beach says:

    Hi webmaster, commenters and everyone else !!! website was absolutely wonderful!