Sri Lanka to get first six star hotel in South Asia

six-star-hotel-sri-lankaSurprisingly, the first six star hotel to be built in south Asia is not being built by a hotels company, but a sugar refinery. Pelwatte Sugar Industries Limited better known for their vast sugar plantations, production of refined sugar, potable alcohol (ethyl), ethanol, power generation and bio-compost are investing over £4.5 million in the construction of what is to be both Sri Lanka’s and Asia’s first ever six star luxury class hotel.

The hotel being built in Pelwatte, Wellawaya, in the deep south of the country will also be the first Sri Lankan hotel to be run by an American hotels and property management company. The hotel branded ‘Pelwatte Resort Sri Lanka’ will boast 40 exclusive chalets and be designed in keeping with US standards and requirements for hotel properties.

Being a six-star hotel the property will boast some of the best hotel facilities and services catering to a global upmarket cliental – but the owners are currently keeping tight-lipped about the facilities, although the large swimming pool and the 18 hole golf course is a little hard to conceal.

Construction work on the hotel has already commenced with the swimming pool and Golf course already nearing completion. Chairman, Pelwatte Sugar and Master Divers, Ariyaseela Wickramanayake says the entire project is to be a totally eco friendly venture.

“We will be using 80 percent of the products manufactured by the Pelwatte group which includes, fruit and vegetables, sugar, spirits, electricity produced from sugar cane and cars powered by Ethanol manufactured at our sugarcane factory,” he said.

Wickramanayake said that this would be an upmarket property wooing high-spending guests, and they hope to market a chalet for around US$ 1,000 per night, which makes it Sri Lanka’s most expensive eco hotel.

It is expected to be opened in 2011

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