Gulf Air relaunches flights to Sri Lanka

Gulf Air, the Middle East international network re-launched its services to Sri Lanka, after a lapse of five years recently. Gulf Air will operate five times a week making a historic re-entry.

Gulf Air has the largest network in the Middle East with non stop flights providing onward connections.

Gulf Air also re-confirmed its partnership with Mac Air(Pvt) Limited, the airline division of John Keells Holdings PLC to provide General Sales Agency Services.

CEO Gulf Air Samer Majali said the main objective of Gulf Air’s re-launch to Sri Lanka is for added connectivity from Colombo to Bahrain and from there to Middle Eastern destinations. The other reason for the re-launch is customer demand, new opportunities since the return of political stability, massive surge in tourism growth, growing export markets, Surge in inward investment.

Gulf Air has been the favorite airline not only for thousands of Sri Lankans living and working in Bahrain but also for Bahrainis who have been flocking to this beautiful country for vacation for many years.

Gulf Air has also been a key link for many Sri Lankan businessmen exporting goods ranging from tea, coffee, coconuts, rubber to cinnamon to Bahrain and beyond in the Middle East region.

Now that peace has returned, I am glad the time has come for us to re-connect with Sri Lanka. The country is back in full action with its economy springing back to its dynamic past. I personally see there is a huge business and tourism opportunity for both countries as we recommence services.

Gulf Air first flew to Sri Lanka in 1976.

“Mac Air was extremely successful in selling Gulf Air flights which finally led to the airline operating daily into Colombo. However, after 25 years in operations the airline withdrew from this market” said President, Transportation Sector, John Keells Holdings Plc, Romesh David.

Gulf Air was established in 1950, it is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain.The main objective of Gulf Air is to connect Bahrain to the Middle East countries and the rest of the world. The Gulf Air network stretches from Europe to Asia, connecting 44 cities in 29 countries with a fleet of 36 aircraft. They have opened 11 new destinations in 2010. Gulf Air has a near 100 connections per week within 3 hours on flights to and from Colombo. Gulf Air flies to four points in Iraq and Saudi Arabia daily and also to London, Frankfurt, Paris and Istanbul as well.

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