Honeymoon Travel Ideas

Honeymoon-Travel-IdeasToday everyone seems to be looking for that perfect honeymoon. An island resort in the Maldives, romantic beach holiday destinations is Sri Lanka or Thailand, trekking honeymoons in New Zealand for the more active and even scuba diving honeymoons on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The choices are many and sometimes making that decision where both you and your spouse are satisfied may take some compromise.

I decided on a crewed charted yacht for my honeymoon because being on a yacht for our honeymoon indeed seemed the perfect idea. For us, a yachting honeymoon was the best way of having the privacy and the quality time we wanted to spend together. To sail and travel about on our honeymoon at the same time was far more pleasurable than being restricted to a single resort. It was also a more relaxing way to see the places we intended to visit.

It cannot be denied that the wedding day is one of the most looked-forward of events in a person’s life. Well, specifically for women. According to a 2008 poll conducted by Women Magazines, brides thought that the most romantic honeymoon is one where they didn’t have to do any chores and would be served on 24/7. Further considering the cost, romance, seclusion, atmosphere and sense of adventure, 82% thought that a yachting honeymoon would probably be the most memorable honeymoon experience.

Where could you sail and travel? If you wish to see the beauty of the world in a few days, here are the suggested places you could visit:

Your honeymoon will indeed be as sweet as honey if you choose the clear blue waters of the VIRGIN ISLANDS. The white sand beaches will eventually look like a promise of pure love between the two of you. As one of the Caribbean’s most romantic travel destinations, the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean seas offers the serenity and romance few other holiday destinations can match.

If the two of you are looking for an active yet romantic honeymoon, ARUBA will let you enjoy the sea through snorkeling, scuba diving or wind surfing. Offering some of the Caribbeans best beaches and most romantic settings, Aruba is truly a honeymoon destination to consider.

Looking for romance, relaxation amongst perfect seclusion, then JAMAICA promises just that. Luxury Jamaican style comes with the best accommodation, exotic cuisine, serene beaches, ever-romantic ambience and a range of resort activities that would make your honeymoon extra special – At least for those with an active lifestyle.

Do you want to dance the night away? When nightlife, partying and fun is that which makes for your perfect honeymoon? Try MEXICO. As a honeymoon destination Mexico has everything to offer, style, luxury, nightlife and wonderful beaches where you can sip Pina Coladas and let the days drift by in romantic euphoria.

If you like a more adventurous honeymoon, one filled with culture, mystic and a sense of the old world charm we Brits are so used to, look no further than beautiful, sunny SRI LANKA. The country abounds in natural beauty, and when Marco Polo said “it is the most beautiful island of its size in the whole world”, he was not kidding. Friendly people, gorgeous beaches, dramatic mountain ranges and fantastic cuisine makes Sri Lanka our top honeymoon destination anywhere.

Well, wherever you decide to go on your honeymoon, make sure its what both of you want and choose wisely. It’s always a good idea to explore your interests and try to balance your honeymoon between the romance and what’s pleasing for both you and your spouse.

If you have other thoughts about what constitutes the perfect honeymoon, tell us about it in the comments below, we appreciate your feedback.

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