The guest ranch, also known as a dude ranch, is a type of ranch oriented towards visitors or tourism. It is considered a form of agri-tourism. This type of family holiday is perfect for city dwellers to get out and experience real country life. Fully operational dude ranches are everywhere throughout the United States and can offer up a very memorable family holiday.

Imagine yourself taking the best holiday of your life at an American cattle ranch. The cool, fresh mountain air, the wide open spaces, the feel of a steady horse beneath you as you top the next rise… the flash of colour from the dark pool as the monster trout rises to your offering…luxuriating in the warmth of the setting sun as you wait for the dinner bell’s call … shared time with family and friends.

Most of these ranches are located in the Western United States, but a little homework can find them almost everywhere. It is also important to note that some dude ranches only cater to adults, and as we are considering family holidays, this is a fact worth a mention.

Riding horses and enjoying the great outdoors is the main focus of a dude ranch holiday, but accommodations can range from simple to luxurious. You can perform the job of a cowboy at a working dude ranch or choose a resort style ranch to take advantage of other activities the kids may like such as tennis or swimming.

Eat authentic cowboy style meals and sing cowboy songs around the campfire. In some places, you can even spend a night sleeping under the stars! Most of these dude ranch holidays are all-inclusive meaning that meals, drinks, spa amenities and all activities are included in the price of your reservation.

A family of four can usually have this type of holiday for under £1,000 although prices will vary according to the location you choose.

Do your research online and choose a spot that your family will love!

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