Taking a family holiday on a budget isn’t out of reach for the savvy person who wants to do their research and find the best deals out there.

At the heart of every good holiday is knowing that you’re getting what you’ve paid for. Somehow sipping a piña colada on a lounge chair while your kids frolic in the pool feels that much more relaxing–and sweeter–knowing you’ve gotten a good deal.

Whether you want to admit it or not, money is a big part of your holiday experience. Feeling like you’re being nickel and dimed to death puts a dent in your wallet and your fun. There’s nothing worse than waking up in an expensive resort room feeling like you’d rather be home.

Simple planning and forethought are all that’s needed for a good experience. A great family holiday depends on the family and what their needs are. But most families will agree that a perfect holiday needs to be relaxing and fun with something for everyone.

There is a seemingly endless list of resorts worldwide that fit this description. But for many parents, there is one more essential aspect of the perfect family holiday. It needs to be affordable.

Again, the term affordable is a relative concept, but for many families, a resort that costs more than £300 per night takes the fun out of the holiday. Parents on a budget are too busy worrying about how they will fund the trip and are unable to relax and enjoy themselves.

Likewise, limited funds mean that a more expensive resort results in less money to spend on tours, attractions, and food. Many families end up staying in cheap hotels with no kid-friendly amenities rather than spend all their holiday money on accommodation.

By searching for discount resorts or obtaining the services of a knowledgeable travel consolidator, it is possible to find many affordable family resorts that will not blow your budget. The goal is simple – make everyone happy with an unforgettable trip to the perfect destination. Achieving that goal can be daunting, especially when all the travel planning falls on you. But it is obtainable, as long as you know what your family enjoys and what travel options you have at your disposal. In the end, seeing your children’s faces light up makes it all worth the money, time and effort.

In these uncertain economic times, being savvy about how you spend your holiday money is more important than ever. Though price is certainly important in planning your family trip, don’t forget the most important factor: fun!

You want to go somewhere that everyone will delight in. And if you’re dealing with young children, you need to be sure there’s enough “downtime” as well. Because, in the end, all the money in the world can’t make your kids happy. And if they aren’t enjoying themselves, you won’t either.

Family holidays can become more about tradition than where you go, so keep this in the forefront of your mind. If your kids know that every June you are going somewhere as a family, they are going to enjoy the experiences even more.

Don’t get overly caught up in worrying about money. Set your budget, stick to it, and have fun. Everyone can have a memorable family holiday no matter how much money you have to spend. It takes research, planning, and the desire to make more family memories than you already have!


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