US Travellers affected by downturn, international travellers not

[] GeckoGo announced the results of their recent travel survey of 1162 travellers worldwide and says, global consumers are worried about the economy…but are going ahead with their travel plans

While 43% of survey respondents answered that they felt “terrible” about the current economic environment, only 15% have canceled their trips. Fifty-one percent of travellers plan to fly the same amount this holiday season, with 22% planning to travel more than last year.

Americans seem to be worried by their countries economy more than the rest of world…travel plans are therefore affected to a higher degree in the US.

68% of Americans felt “terrible” about the current economic environment, and 22% have canceled their trips. 40% of Americans plan to fly less this holiday season, and 44% plan to spend less money on their next vacation.

Travel insurance is considered a necessity by many and is the least affected by the economy

In fact, 10% of respondents are more likely to purchase travel insurance due to the economic situation. Only 7% of respondents would cut travel insurance before other expenses such as accommodation, activities, trip length, and food. Sixty-three percent of consumers purchase travel insurance at least sometimes when they travel, and 32% purchase it all the time. 42% consider emergency medical and dental coverage to be the most important reason for purchasing travel insurance.

Travellers will cut back on accommodations first

27% said they would reduce accommodation spending first, with 24% saving by staying in more modest accommodations.

Most are still traveling but are looking for additional cost saving measures

30% will spend more time travel planning as a means of saving money, while 31% plan to travel during off-peak season. Fifty-one percent of Americans say “looking for travel deals” is a key way to save money.

Holidays are for family time

Sixty-six percent of respondents usually visit their relatives over the holiday season, with 70% planning to see their relatives the same amount as last year, and another 13% more than last year.

Spending plans stay the same for majority

Sixty-eight percent of all respondents plan

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