About Guest Services on the Universal Studios Tours

About-Guest-Services-on-the-Universal-Studios-ToursThere are many guest services that will help you enjoy your day tour at Universal Studios, and you should definitely take advantage of the ones that appeal to you best. The good folks at Universal Studios want you to have a positive experience, and these services are meant to help you do just that.

There is a ‘Will Call’ service located right outside the gates. Here, you can have tickets that were purchased online reprinted if necessary, get ticket reservations, or put your pet in a kennel. Also located outside the gate is the Group Sales Window. Here, you can renew your annual passes, or replace lost annual passes. The Annual Pass Centre is also located here.

The Guest Relations booth is where you will find visitor information concerning hotels, campsites, and other interesting things to do in the area. You can also get assistance and guides for guests with disabilities and audio assist units. Travel assistance, lost and found, and the lost children’s centre are also located in and near the Guest Relations booth.

Strollers and Wheelchairs are available for rent in the upper lot. Lockers, where you can store your items for the day, are also available. ATM Machines are located at the main entrance and in the lower lot by the Jurassic Cove Café. You may use traveller’s checks and credit cards at the ticket booth and in the gift shops. Checks are not accepted at Universal Studios, and proper identification is required for the use of credit cards and traveller’s checks.

First Aid is located in the upper lot near Animal Planet Live. There is another first aid station inside the Jurassic Park Visitors Centre, which is situated in the lower lot. There are eight designated smoking areas, which are indicated on the park map. Smoking will not be permitted in any other areas of the park.

You should also take advantage of the Package Deliver Service at Universal Studios Tours. This service will allow you to buy merchandise, and then pick it up near the exit before you leave. The package pickup is located near Universal Film Company.

Again, all of these services are designed to make your visit to Universal Studios Tours more enjoyable. If you have any problems at the park, including problems are situations that are not discussed here you should find a staff member and request assistance. They will do everything within their power to help you rectify your problem, and continue with your Universal Studios Tour.

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